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"Taking part in the Solo School was an amazing experience. With so many fresh and

new ideas or ‘invitations’ landing in our Inboxes every week it really felt like such a

new and exciting way to work. Henry’s guidance in the weekly one to one

conversations was so helpful and supportive and the peer support was a great

aspect of the course. I loved how open and accepting the whole experience was and

would really recommend this as a stimulating beginning point for anyone wanting to

explore questions of creative practice."


- Dr Alison Jeffers, Performance lecturer and maker

"The Solo School is a course I believe both emerging and established creatives and artists should ALL experience at least once in their life!"


- Jasmine Kuti-Smith, Theatre Maker

"The videos were not just educational but pieces of art in their own right."

- Iddo Oberski, Storyteller, Theatre Maker

"It has been incredible to carve out this space

and time for myself and find ways to feed and nourish my inspiration and creativity.

The structure is both rigid and malleable enough to make it your own and indeed the

onus is on you discovering your own pathway. This means it becomes possible to

truly curate your own practice rather than follow someone else’s, giving it the potential of long life and growth."

- Hannah Kew, Director, Theatre Maker


It has been such a rich, strong and deep journey for me. With Henry’s guidance and support

I have been able to create a real sense of trust within my own practice and the containers I

am able to create for myself to fully dive into what is present in my work. To listen to it and

develop my own very unique authentic voice. Solo School is a very special kind of magic."

Elizabeth Jane Lovely - Storyteller

"The videos were not just educational but pieces of art in their own right."

- Iddo Oberski, Storyteller, Theatre Maker

"The Solo School was an extraordinary experience. The inspiring invitations of the

videos and conversations were constantly reminding me to meet myself with an open

mind and heart. It encouraged me to explore what my practice actually is."

- Tatai Barbara, Film and Theatre Maker

"A transformative experience. Henry’s deep connectedness to his own inner artistic life allowed him to hold the uncertainties and insecurities I had coming into the process. I felt supported by the depth of his own practise. His invitations were liberating whilst also offering the structure to support the work. And in the invaluable weekly discussions his compassion and curiosity brought forth questions that led to regular revelations and helped me navigate and eventually relish the process of working alone. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of yourself as an artist, a creative and as a person, I couldn’t recommend the solo school more."


- Peter Losasso, Actor, Theatre Maker

"I found my work and way of being has changed, I feel more resonant in thought deed and action, more congruent. In a world where everything is vying for your attention, it was like a homecoming."


- Kiran L Dadlani

"I felt like the solo school offered me some protected time to begin putting aside all

the unintended influences of my day-to-day life, and to begin slowly uncovering a

little bit more of my inner core and the work I’d most like to make…Thank you."


- Amy Beeston

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