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Every artist should be empowered to create the work they need to make. Whatever stage in your career, the Solo School believes in the stories you wish to tell, and carefully guides each artist to realise the next step in their artistic potential. 

It is our goal to equip each artist with the tools and supportive frameworks that allow creativity to thrive. We recognise that community, collaboration and conversation are fundamental to deepen practice and project-building. Within the Solo School, each artist receives the essential support to empower their creative world and bring their ideas to life. 

Within our courses, artists receive expert facilitation through multi-form education - videos, conversations with leading practitioners in the field, one-to-one mentorship, and a growing catalogue of creative instruction.

It is our mission to ensure that artists across the globe realise their creative vision and to share their unique way of seeing the world. 



"He has a rigour to his approach which inspires those around him and a generosity of spirit; both playful and inclusive. Henry is a pleasure to know and work with.""    

Amit Lahav, Director, Internationally acclaimed Gecko Theatre


I work with people who are searching to forge their creative world and build an inspiring and sustainable life as an artist. I’ve supported hundreds of emerging and established artists across dance, theatre, storytelling, sound installation and film, helping them develop their ideas and empower their practice.

I know what it feels like to become stuck, to not know the right way forward or how to craft a creative dream into something tangible and uniquely one’s own. The Solo School is a place of experimentation, a place to ignite imagination and empower your creative world.

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