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The School is dedicated to continuing to support and nurture emerging, established, lost, and seeking artists, and to radically empower the creative visions of every human being.


The School has now worked closely with over 200 artists internationally, supporting peoples private creative worlds and the development of solo films, music videos, a sound installation, new theatres works, story-telling projects, and dance-film.

The SOLO SCHOOL supports artists to develop their private creative practice alongside offering an empowering space to dream and manifest projects in performance art, film, theatre and dance.

It offers courses in transforming personal practice, dynamic educational structures to support processes of making work, and provides artistic residencies for artists to dedicate time to their artistic world.


The work is facilitated by Henry McGrath who has been devoted to the investigation of personal practice for 11 years and to making original work in theatre and film. Henry is an actor, director and a physical performance artist who has worked within a wide-web of performance worlds, from collaborating with experimental avant-garde groups to working in mainstream TV and film. He is the Founder and Co-Director of Eden’s Cave, an experiential production company based in the Forest of Dean. He teaches acting, approaches to embodied expression, and the development of solo practice at institutions across the UK. 

"Henry’s talent, integrity and energy consistently impress me, he has the generosity and sensitivity to be able to share his skills with others, and is already on his way to becoming a master practitioner"
Patrick Campbell, Senior lecturer, MMU and co-director of Third Theatre Network
"He has a rigour to his approach that inspires those around him, and a generosity of spirit: both playful and inclusive".
Amit Lahav, Director of internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning Gecko Theatre
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